Two graduations

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For my first post I want to celebrate the achievements of two of my colleagues, Dr Suzanne Rumney and Dr Louise Helfgott on graduating with their PhDs on the 15th September 2013.
It was wonderful to be there at the graduation to see them doff their hats and walk across the stage to receive their PhDs.
Suzanne also won the faculty award: A brilliant achievement and such an inspiration.
Suzanne Ingelbrecht and I both watched on. In fact, the two Suzannes and I made a weekend of it.
We also  saw the play Illyria on Saturday night (see my blog page for my impressions).
So I just want to send my love and gratitude to the two Suzannes for a memorable and inspiring weekend.
And love to Louise Helfgott on her achievement but also just because…
The two Suzannes and myself, and Dr Suzanne Rumney receiving her Faculty Award.
Watch this space for a picture of Louise.
Hot off the presses, here she is…Graduation photo (2) Graduation photos

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