The next wave updated (part 1): Michelle Michau-Crawford and Emily Paull

Two years on and Michelle Michau-Crawford and Emily Paul are inspirational in their achievements! Here is an update on what these amazing Western Australian writers have been doing.

looking up/looking down

Two years ago, looking up/looking down presented a series on Western Australian women writers to watch out for. As I wrote then:

There’s so much creative energy among writers on the western edge—some of it being nurtured in university writing programs, some finding inspiration and support through writers centres, some brewing entirely independently. This four-part series features eight WA women who are part of that creative flurry. All of them have a manuscript ready, or nearly ready, to submit to agents and publishers, and I hope we’ll be hearing a lot more from them in the future.

It’s a true pleasure to observe the evolution of a creative life, and I’m delighted to present an update on what some of them have been doing. Here’s how Michelle Michau-Crawford and Emily Paull responded to an invitation to review their last two years of writing…

Michelle Michau-Crawford


When I was invited in…

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One response to “The next wave updated (part 1): Michelle Michau-Crawford and Emily Paull

  1. What does Shibboleth mean? Interesting word. Jewish? Gaelic? I am amazed at how many lives Leonard Cohen touched. It’s hard to imagine that he just put out a brand new album. He was an interesting — intriguing man…

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