Welcome to my site

I am Kim Coull, a poet, writer and artist.

Welcome to my space here on the net.

Helena Valley Pool

I live in Helena Valley, a beautiful spot in the foothills twenty miles from Perth, Western Australia.

The still pool above is one of my favourite parts of the valley as is the dam below.

Helena Valley
I write at the Helena Valley Writer’s Centre
(here I am on the verandah with Beau)

On verandah of Helena Valley Writer's Centre

Please feel free to look around
especially if you are interested in poetry, writing, reading, and art.
and most especially,
if you are an Adoptee, or a Late Discovery Adoptee,
I would love to hear from you…
Thank you for your visit.
I’d love you to leave a comment, your thoughts, experiences, reactions…
 I really appreciate your presence.
Buddha with Heron

17 responses to “Welcome to my site

    • I love your water series of photos. As an amateur photographer, I cannot imagine how you were able to capture a nanosecond in time – to produce images which truly are liquid sculptures. Original and innovative! Well done!

  1. Fimnora! I am so sorry I missed your comment! Thank you so much for dropping by and visiting (there’s a follow button up the top but I think you have already used this). It is a beautiful area here. We live opposite a national park. The small water hole and dam in the photos are about a five minute drive from our place or an hour walk through a winding and gorgeous road and then track. Sometimes I take the grandchildren and go troll-hunting there (ala Terebithia)! Some of the photos of Mother Earth are from Canada and also one of my favourite places in Western Australia, Esperance, a town about an eight hour car drive from here, that faces out onto the vastness of the southern ocean. I love looking out across this expanse imagining Antarctica like it is my secret country. The beach featured in the photos is called Twilight Cove and it is a sublime place, exquisite, untouched, pristine. So lovely to see you here…

  2. I think I’m an adoptee. Nobody in my family is anything like me. But then, nobody else is either. Which may mean I’m from Mars. Or Krypton. Or the Pillars of Creation. Lovely valley, lovely space to write. Is Beau a muse? I’ve been to Perth, and what is it?…Margaret River.

  3. Yes, families can be confusing at the best of times! But all aliens are welcome here! Especially bad beatnik clown fish!

    But it is a lovely area here in the foothills and some say Margaret River (Maggie as I call it) is the jewel of the south. So glad you made it here to the most isolated city in the world. I am very impressed! Thanks so much for dropping by…you are always welcome!

  4. Dear Kim,

    I am an adoptee born in 1961 who has ‘always known’ but I didn’t know my adoption was forced until receiving my adoption order file in 2013 – not long after the National Apology. I met my mother in 1988 and for the following 18 yrs of sporadic contact she could not/would not speak of her experience. The silence between us never lifted as I could not speak of my adoption either and have only recently begun to understand the manifestations of my embodied trauma.

    I was given your name and the link to this amazing website by Catherine Lynch. I’m a Theatre and Performance PhD candidate at Monash Uni – (working title) ‘Stories of Forced Adoption: Representations of a Shared Trauma’. The title and ABSTRACT of your PhD dissertation suggests your work is the missing link I’ve been looking for as I attempt to move beyond my Honours work to examining the ‘performativity’ of being adopted.

    I would so appreciate being able to read your dissertation – would you be willing/able to provide me with a PDF copy? Or a link to it through Edith Cowan’s library? I’ve tried t find it but to no avail.

    I would love to keep in touch. Adoptee activism is growing around the country.

    Thank you


    • Dear Alison, my apologies for not getting to your lovely message here sooner. I have just sent an email to you and will send the dissertation asap. Please do keep in touch, and let me know how it is all going and if you need any clarification or want to discuss anything, I would be very happy to. All the very best for your courageous research. Let me know if you don’t receive the email…kindest and warmest regards

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