Illyria: A play about war and new beginnings

Last weekend I attended a performance of Illyria. It was confronting in parts and its taken a week for my thoughts to percolate down.

The acting was brilliant and I especially loved the blending body and text throughout. The choreography added depth and poetry to the play and was an inspired juxtaposition against the raw and traumatic subject matter.

This is my extended response to play in the form of a prose poem: Illyria: Notes on a Play

This following description is taken from the Illyria Facebook Page:

“Curtin’s Performance Studies and the Hayman Theatre Present Bryony Lavery’s ILLYRIA Directed by Teresa Izzard Created collaboratively with the Ensemble …

Illyria is a play about war- its futility and machinations. It is also a play about the journey towards forgiveness and peace.
An Australian journalist gets lost in a war torn land and is witness to events that alter her. Through poetry, storytelling and compelling images ‘Illyria’ takes us along for the ride.”

Check out the Illyria site for pictures of the action and some inspired notes from the characters.
Thanks to all involved for the stimulating experience. Wonderful.
And thanks to the Suzannes for inviting me.